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Speed Lab heading and roll
Yacht leaning starboard

SeaMODE™ Speed Lab

SeaMODE™ Speed Lab is an onboard trip computer, primarily intended for sailing performance assessment during training and racing. It is especially useful for advanced sailboat racing training. With SeaMODE™ Speed Lab, the racing team can comprehensively analyze the boat's and crew’s true performance to find actions for further improvement. The system is especially useful during training as performance can objectively be analyzed eliminating the need for a sparring boat.

The basic SeaMODE™ Speed Lab setup includes two SeaMODE™ MD100 motion detectors, a special 10 hz GPS and the Speed Lab software application. For a more complete assessment, NMEA based sensors such as a speedlog and wind sensors can be connected to the system.

Download SeaMODE™ Speed Lab Brochure PDF

The SeaMODE™ Skiff Box

The SeaMODE™ Skiff Box is a standalone onboard trip computer optimized for sailing performance analysis in dinghies, skiffs and multihulls. It is especially useful when the coach has the SeaMODE™ based wind measurement system in their boat.

System configuration


SeaMODE Skiff system